This question comes up a lot from folks. We are asked from time to time, and respond with a similar answer as to why we do not provide date commitments and ETAs for features to be added.

First, the core team loves working on PhantomBot. It is a project for us that we really enjoy working on.

However, each of us is either in school or working in a professional career. Some of us are married and have children. With this we have to balance out our responsibilities accordingly. As we cannot give up our "day-jobs" and leave our families and friendships to atrophy, there is only so much time that we can commit to PhantomBot. At times there may be items that come up that further reduce the time that we are able to spend working on PhantomBot. Some of the developers have gone on hiatus from time to time as well due to this.

In closing, we love the community and we love working on PhantomBot and look forward to continuing to improve the product. We hope you all understand why we are unable to provide exact dates as to when some improvements will be done.