Hey! It's been a very long time since our last beta release for PhantomBot's new control panel. We've been working super hard over the last few months on finishing the panel and squishing as many bugs, and we are proud to say that the panel is now complete! Everything from the old panel has been added to this new one, and even more new cool features as well! This new panel will make your PhantomBot experience easier, quicker, and fun! We've added a ton of tooltips to help with confusion on certain things in order to keep the panel as user friendly as possible. This will most likely be the last beta release of the new panel. Once the new panel is released, the old (current) panel will no longer be supported, and will be moved from the bot completely as this new panel will be replacing it in the main build. This allows us to make sure that the panel is fully stable beforing forcing everyone that uses PhantomBot's latest build to switch to this new and awesome panel.

We would also like to give a special thank you to our Patrons. They have given us exclusive feedback and have helped us test with special builds of the control panel which will allow them to report bugs to us and make the release of the new control panel flawless. (Want to help out? Become a Patron today!)

Enough of that, let's see some of the many new features for this new panel!

Ability to Edit the Lang Files!
Not so tech savy to edit lang script files yourself, but really not like how something is worded within the bot? Well this change is definitely for you! You can now edit what the bot says directly from the panel.

Auto complete for game selection!
You asked, we listened. You can now change your game via the panel and it'll automatically recommend games as you're typing. Just like Twitch!

Easy way to manage your Discord Alerts!
Want to easily manage what alerts are sent through to your Discord server? You can now do that in the new panel.

Starting raffles with ease!
The new panel now has support for raffles!

There are many more cool features, but we'll let you discover them!

Installation Instructions:
Install the latest version of PhantomBot

Found a bug, issue, or wish to make a suggestion? Reply below or join our Discord! We're always listening for community feedback. 😃