I just got a StreamDeck and started playing with it. Folks have told me that they use whispers or chats to execute commands and do things with PhantomBot. That does work fine, however, what if you could have a small Windows application that does this for you? Well, you can out the PBStreamDeck application.

This is a simple Java application that can be called from StreamDeck to execute commands or chat via your PhantomBot account.

How does it work?

Note that this being a BETA Release means that changes are always happening! The directions below are for the first Beta Release. As you go and get newer versions, please read the release notes, which will be presented to you as part of the installer and can be reviewed again from the Start Menu > PBStreamDeck > View README File, for new instructions!

You will download the zip file and extract it into a folder, for example, I used D:\PBS. I copied the streamdeck.properties.default to streamdeck.properties and modified it to work with my bot:

# streamdeck.properties.default
# This file contains sample configuration data to create a
# streamdeck.properties file from.

# The name of your PhantomBot.  This is used to execute commands
# and to perform a chat operation.

# The URL to your PhantomBot web server.  For local operations
# this will be http://localhost:25000 (unless the port has been
# changed).  For remote servers, use the full hostname and port
# along with http or https, depending upon your configuration.

# The webauth key from your botlogin.txt file

# Commands to run or things to say in chat.  The key is the command
# line option to pass in to execute the command/chat text.
sayhello=Hello there!

Then, from StreamDeck, configure a System > Open button, pointing to the binary with two parameters; one to indicate where the binary lives and another with the "command/chat" to execute:

So, since I extracted the files to D:\PBS I pass that same item as the first parameter and the second parameter is my runmods command that I configured.

Then, pushing the button will run the command/send the chat line. You can add any number of commands/chat lines to the properties file to execute.