Hey! It's been a long time since our last release back in May. Since then we've been working very hard on fixing all of the bugs that you guys have been reporting. We've also been working very hard on our new beta panel, which is now complete! You can learn more about the new panel here.

As always if you have anything to suggest to us, make a post on our forum! We hope you enjoy this release, and as always please remember to report bugs on our community forum!

As a reminder, PhantomBot is free and will stay free. We strongly believe in open source principles and providing a service to the community. However, we do have a patreon to help out with the costs of providing servers and other infrastructure (you also get exclusive updates, and other stuff too!).

That being said, be sure to follow us on Twitter, as well as joining our Discord server for more news and updates regarding PhantomBot!


  • Added delete button to YouTube Player to allow users to delete the current song from the playlist (or song request list).
  • Added (views) tag for custom commands to return the views number from the Twitch Cache.
  • Added (countup=) tag for custom commands to create an “up” date counter.
  • Added a regulars and subscribers ticket multiplier for the ticket raffle system.
  • Creative Commons check for YouTube Player. (!ytp togglecconly)
  • Reset the default playlist to Creative Commons music (!ytp resetdefaultlist)
  • Added method to clear YouTube ID cache (!ytp clearcache)
  • Added support for bulk subscription gifting.
  • Added custom command logging in Discord for Twitch commands. (Thanks rlazarus)
  • Added variable support for Twitch Teams! See our commands variables for more.
  • Added support for Discord categories, when you have two channel name that are the same the bot will now send the command in the right channel, you can also send alerts to channel via their ID as well, also !channelcom now supports IDs as well.
  • Added Discord support for Twitch subscription gifting.


  • When loading a playlist you no longer have to type the playlist name, there will be a list with all of your playlists.
  • Both raffle systems will no longer automatically draw users. You will have to do this manually.
  • Updated the default “heap” size of the bot. This means it should use less memory when not needed.


  • Fixed reconnect button on the control panel causing an error.
  • Fixed the Discord bits embed not showing up when there’s no message.
  • Fixed Discord online/offline message not trimming game name properly.
  • Fixed the Discord clips handler not posting clips and causing an error.
  • Fixed raid command not working when the bot is using /me mode.
  • Fixed not being able to use Twitch commands when /me mode was enabled.
  • Fixed the alerts page not working with a reverse proxy setup.
  • Fix for audio page issues.
  • Fixed the Discord bot randomly stopping from responding.
  • Fixed issues with the YouTube player.
  • Fixed the YouTube player not loading at all when the module is disabled, or a playlist without any longs is loaded.

Once again, sorry for the lack of updates recently. Our team has been quite busy working big changes for PhantomBot. Keep in mind that the team behind PhantomBot also have full time jobs, school, etc. However we do plan on announcing some major changes in the next month or so! See you then, and happy streaming!

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