You read that right, today we're unveiling the most anticipated and requested feature that everyone has been asking for. A new control panel. We'd like to start of saying that yes, we know that our users have been asking this for a very long time, however something like this just doesn't happen overnight. We wanted to make the best control panel experience you could ask for, and today we're delivering that to you in our first BETA release.

The new panel will look nicer, feel nicer, and run a lot smoother. The panel will also now be optimized for mobile devices, such as your smart phone, tablet, and many others. However please note that since this is a beta, features may not be finished, or may be missing. This is what the beta panel will include as of this release:

  • A new fresh experience provided and made possible by AdminLTE.
  • A new dashboard experience that shows:
    • Chat/Video player.
    • Ability to toggle viewer count, chat count, follow count, and more.
    • Event list showing recent followers, subscribers, cheers, and more.
  • Commands page that will let you access:
    • Your custom commands and their settings.
    • Your custom aliases and their settings.
    • Your default commands and their settings.
  • Moderation page with features such as:
    • Filters for all types of spam.
    • Whitelist for URLs.
    • Blacklist for those words you don't want to be said in your channel.
  • Permissions page.
    • The permission page will allow you to set and view permissions of users.
  • Timers page.
    • You may remember this as notices, but on this panel they are called timers. Timers work the same as notices.
  • Alerts page.
    • This page will allow you to control ALL of PhantomBot's alerts from one place.
  • Loyalty page.
    • This page allows you to configure your currency and loyalty settings. You can also view the users with the most currency. These pages will no longer show every user due to performance issues.
  • Ranking page.
    • This page allows you to manage your users' ranks.
  • Quotes page.
    • This page allows you to view, edit, and add quotes from one place.

You will notice that the panel also includes other tabs. Those other tabs are currently disabled because they haven't been implemented as right now. Be sure to stay tuned because they will be implemented quickly! There are the following tabs that will be coming in the near future:

  • Keywords page.
  • Games page.
  • Giveaways page.
  • Extras page.
  • Audio page.
  • Settings page.

As stated before, this is a beta release. However we did strongly intend to ensure that this build doesn't contain any bugs, we cannot guarantee that there aren't any, hence why we aren't rolling out this panel officially yet. There are also features that exist on the current panel, but do not exist on the new one (as of yet), such as:

  • Dark Mode (You don't even have to ask, we know. This will come soon.)
  • A section for Discord.

A question that may be on your mind is if it will support multiple user logins. As of right now it will not, but that doesn't mean we won't at it in the future. Right now our main priority is finishing the panel.

What now, you may ask? First of all, we're going to look forward to hearing all your feedback on the new panel. We'd strongly suggest you give us all the feedback you can throw at us in the comments below. We'll be looking for any suggestions, improvements, and bug reports, and we'll do our best to make note of your ideas and discuss them, as well as fix any bugs you may report.

With the release of v1.1 of the beta panel, we're moving to a new thread. Check it out here!