Two months ago, we released an early beta of our new control panel. Since then, we've been working extremely hard on adding everything from the current panel to the new one. Guess what! We're almost done (with the Twitch, Discord is later, don't worry!) The only thing we have yet to include in the new control panel is the raffle system. The reason why this isn't included as of right now is because a majority of users want more features with the raffle system. Currently, these changes aren't possible because of the way the raffle system is originally deigned. To add to this, the raffle systems were designed to work with the current (old) panel, and it is very hard to implement the raffle system into the new control panel because of it. We hope you understand, but don't worry, it'll be out soon enough! Please note that this version of the beta panel only works with version 2.4.1 of PhantomBot.

We would like to give a special thank you to our Patrons. They have given us exclusive feedback and have helped us test with special builds of the control panel which will allow them to report bugs to us and make the release of the new control panel flawless. (Want to help out? Become a Patron today!)


  • Added more logs for when debug mode is enabled.
  • Added the keywords tab.
  • Added confirmation modal for when deleting things.
  • Added dark mode.
  • Added games tab.
  • Added a toggle to display Twitch chat or not.
  • Added a toggle to display the Twitch player or not.
  • Updated tooltips to no longer be rounded. Also updated the background color.
  • Added different colors for the events in the event log.
  • Added bell icon on the header for when bot updates are available.
  • Added option to reverse sort events.
  • Added help tab.
  • Added history tab which will show yours past tips and hosts.
  • Added polls tab.
  • Added highlights tab.
  • Added dual stream tab.
  • Added queue tab.
  • Added event logging for gifted subscriptions and raids.
  • Added settings tab.


  • Made each event different colors. (You'll be able to easily customize these in the future.)
  • Restructured the loyalty section with a leader board page.
  • Dates in the event log will now be padded.


  • Fixed confusing titles in the loyalty section.
  • Fixed breadcrumbs not showing the right paths.
  • Fixed the timer module toggle not working.
  • Fixed the host settings not showing the proper message for auto-hosts.
  • Fixed points payout not showing the correct values.
  • Fixed new blacklist not being applied until the bot restarts.
  • Fixed being able to input an invalid date for quotes.
  • Fixed command permissions not being applied when editing a custom command.
  • Fixed panel not adding new events once there's more than 50.

Ready to get started? Great! Simply hit the shiny download button below, and follow these instructions to help get you setup (if you're upgrading from a previous beta panel version, simply skip to step 4):

  1. Make sure PhantomBot isn't running.
  2. Open your botlogin.txt file that is located in the config folder.
  3. Simply add betap=true at the bottom of the file and save it.
  4. After that, you can download the beta panel which is under this blog post (on Linux it may be easier if you run curl --output in the console).
  5. Once you have it, extract it, and you can place it in the bot's web folder. Be sure that all of the beta panel files are located in the beta-panel folder.
  6. (For Linux users) If you upload the panel via an FTP client you will have to chown the beta-panel folder to your bot user. To do so, simply cd to the bot's directory and type sudo chown -R botuser:botuser ./web/beta-panel
  7. That's it! Now you can simply go to http://localhost:25000/beta-panel or http://your_server_ip:25000/beta-panel and login with the same credentials as the old panel.

Found a bug, issue, or wish to make a suggestion? Reply below or join our Discord! We're always listening for community feedback. 😃